Saturday, November 28, 2009

Slaughtered and the Bizarre: A Movie Review

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Director: Kate Glover.

Writer: Kate Glover.

Known as Schooner of Blood in Australia and Slaughtered in North America, this first film from Kate Glover goes for the jugular right from the top. But the film poses a serious question: is it appropriate to keep serving beers when you have seen most of your friends murdered? Unbelievable in parts Kate Glover's first step in to the horror genre is a step mostly in the right direction.

Recently shown at the American Film Market for buyers Slaughtered's story involves a killer on the run in a small isolated pub. Characters Ryan (Christopher Tomkinson), Ash (James Kerley), and Luke (Tudor Vasille) are ripened for the slaughter while barkeep Jamie (Chloe Boreham) struggles to unmask the unknown villain. Few survive until the end and Slaughtered will likely remain a stand alone film.

The writing of the story seems to falter in places as characters deny their survival instincts in favour of becoming just another victim. After several bodies are found within the film the strategy for character Ryan and others seems to be business as usual. Written by Kate Glover the film shows some possible irrationality, but Kate's passion for writing shows through in the central heroine, Jamie, who is the antithesis of a female victim.

A predictable formula makes Slaughtered slightly unoriginal in the robust slasher horror genre, but something about the well developed characters makes the film worthy of a watch. Laughable at times possibly by mistake, Slaughtered aka Schooner of Blood is worth a watch and will hit North American shores at a later date. A film that gets many more things right than wrong, Slaughtered will not be the last time Kate Glover's name is seen in credits.

6 open mouths out of 10 (like your worst nite at the bar x 10).

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