Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reaper Ready to Shoot

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A film that is flying off the radar is Media 8's Reaper. A film penned by Gary Whitta the story involves the supernatural, death, life and passion. Very few other details are available, other than the first movie poster from the film as seen left and a short synopsis, which can be found below. Enjoy the mystery that is Reaper.

Writer: Gary Whitta.

"A stylish supernatural thriller, neo-noir, Reaper tells the story of Virgil, a private investigator who finds himself recruited by the darkly beautiful and mysterious Delia. As he begins to work for Delia, Virgil finds himself suddenly immersed in a surreal underworld, one where the boundaries of life and death, as well as right and wrong, are completely blurred. This unlikely journey also reveals the harrowing answers to the fate of Virgil's own daughter (Media 8)."

Status: Slated to move into production shortly.

Genre: Supernatural, thriller.

Producers: David Alpert, and Lawrence Mattis.

Executive Producers: David Engel, Jason Lust, and Stewart Hall.

More details on Reaper and other Media 8 films can be found at the address listed here:

Media 8 Entertainment

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