Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haunting Kira in Pre-production

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Teresa Fahs will direct "Haunting Kira" beginning in November '09 with a projected May 10, 2010 release date. The film takes on the topic of death and the film, according to Fahs, will offer "amazing gore bits" with "an original zombie concept." Also, if you have ever wanted to be involved in the bloody business of horror filmmaking then now is your chance as the film is currently seeking financing with offers of screen credits to those generous enough to participate. Have an early look at the film and get involved in "ghost story" moviemaking in Fahs' directing debut.

An introduction to the premise of "Haunting Kira" from director Fahs here:

"'Haunting Kira'...explores issues of death and immortality, the impact of physical pain on behavior, commentary on medical professionals, how women's self-image is attached to her appearance, the effects of aging on personality, and more (Fahs).

Director: Teresa Fahs.

Writer: Teresa Fahs.

Cast: Sara Glassman, Reagan Pfifer, Ted LeBlang, Rachel Grubb, and Derek Houck.

Visit "Haunting Kira" at the following websites:

Haunting Kira on Myspace

Haunting Kira at Facebook

Financial participation can be made via the link below:

Haunting Kira at Fundable.com


Teresa Fahs. Personal interview. 14 July 2009.