Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Basement Jack on DVD this October 20th

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The second of three films "Basement Jack" wrapped up shooting in 2007 and now has a DVD release date. Available to fans October 20 "Basement Jack" shows that revenge is best served cold when Karen Cook looks for vengeance after her family is lost to a brutal killer. The middle chapter in Black Gate Entertainments Necropolitan horror trilogy fans can also check out "Evilution" this fall, as well, until the final chapter details are announced. Have a look at the primary anti-hero in this movie still close-up and check out the full cast and crew, plus a location for the films official trailer inside.

A synopsis for "Basement Jack" here:

"Eleven years ago Jack Riley Killed fifteen people including his own mother before he was finally brought down by a policeman’s bullet. He was just seventeen at the time. For eleven years Jack Riley, or Basement Jack as christened by the media, lived quietly in a state asylum until now. Jack Riley has been released but his madness remains. Haunted by his past he kills again but this time there is someone waiting. Karen Cook has waited eleven long years to seek revenge for what was done to her family and end her pain. If she could just find him before more victims fall to his silvery blade (Basement)."

Director: Michael Shelton.

Writer: Brian Patrick O'Toole.

Cast: Eric Peter-Kaiser, Michele Morrow, Sam Skoryna, and Lynn Lowry.