Saturday, May 16, 2009

2084 Most Recent Production Stills

The Kelly Blumetti Entertainment Group is supporting the futuristic film "2084," which has recently moved into post-production. The interesting premise involves the effects of a virus pandemic that keeps peoples in their homes for decades. Independent, and shot for a mere $55,000 the film comes from a collective of United States servicemen who found creative inspiration from their experiences in Iraq. Have a look at three stills from the films homepage and one exclusive picture from filming on set past the break.

Synopsis for "2084," here...

In 2084 a viral pandemic forces everyone to remain quarantined inside their apartments for decades, and the drama that unfolds over a tense, some would say brutal, five week period as they search for salvation and a way out (Kelly Blumetti).

Directors: George Blumetti, and Maurice Kelly.

Writers: George Blumetti, and Maurice Kelly.

Cast: Matthew Alan, Grady Lee Richmond, Betsy Baker, Billy West, and Jaimi Paige.

A weakened Trelaine (Matthew Alan) confronts Stanton

Laura, Sandy and Trelaine look for a way out.

Stanton prepares to inspect a food shipment.

For more information on "2084," have a look at the films homepage below with several more movie stills available...

2084 Homepage


Kelly Blumetti Entertainment Group. May 16, 2009. Press Release.