Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sorority Wars Casting Call: News, and Synopsis

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A new television movie is filming in Victoria, British Columbia starting this weekend and "Sorority Wars," will star Rob Mayes in this latest Lifetime production. From science fiction series creator "Impact," Ted Bauman will act as producer in this comedy, thriller. Also, production will span over twenty days and involve several locations throughout the Victoria area as Royal Roads substitutes for a prestigious American university. Have a look at some of the cast and crew information for "Sorority Wars," and a word from producer Bauman below.

The synopsis for "Sorority Wars..."

Lucy Hale (Privileged) stars as a college freshman who triggers the sorority wars of the title when she snubs Delta, the prestigious sorority that her mother and her mother's best friend attended. Instead, she hangs with the more down-to-earth gals in rival sorority Kappa and all hell breaks loose (Times).

Release Date: 2010.

Rating: Unknown.

Director: James Hayman.

Writer: Michelle Lovretta

Cast: Lucy Hale, and Rob Mayes

From producer Bauman:

"We'll be all over the metro area, but you won't see anything that spectacular," Bauman said.


Sorority Wars at the Times Colonist

Sorority Wars at IMDB


Anonymous said...

Do they need any young teen boys? :P

Michael Allen said...

You should go up to Camosun and find out.