Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Dead Rise Again and Again: News, Movie Poster, and Trailer

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"The Dead," not to be confused with George a Romero's "...of the Dead," is a zombie genre film set in the deserts of Africa. Filming, which took place in Ghana and Burkina, Faso is complete and now in post production. Third time English director Howard J. Ford, with help from brother Jonathon Ford, helm this independent terror flick and the trailer has a definite Romero feel as the undead stumble slowly around, in what looks like a mostly unthreatening manner. However, the unique and isolating backdrop of West Africa with a cross racial set of characters could spark some creative life in, what looks to be a thrilling story. Why the fascination with zombie films? And what do zombies represent in modern culture? Hopefully some of these questions, along with some excitement, will be given attention in this latest zombie film "The Dead."

The synopsis...

When Lt. Brian Murphy finds himself in extreme conditions he must team up with local Daniel Dembele in order for both men to try and find their way back to what is left of their lives whilst battling a terrifying threat from which there seems to be no escape (DreadCentral).

Release Date: 2010.

Rating: Unknown.

Director: Howard J. Ford, and Jonathon Ford.

Writer: Howard J. Ford, and Jonathon Ford.

Cast: Rob Freeman, Dan Morgan, Glenn Salvage, Kian Moallemi, amir Moallemi, Katy Richardson, Julia Scott-Russell, Kerry Moallemi, Anne Davaud, Michael Kuper, David Dontoh, and John Reilly.

A full trailer for "The Dead," a la


The Dead at IMDB

The Dead at DreadCentral

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Marcus, Canada said...

Wow! I've just watched a slew of crap looking trailers on zombie/living dead type fare but this one looks amazing. A breath of fresh air - the whole Africa thing is as cool as hell. Worth a look just for that... Anyone know where you can buy a copy or when it's coming out?