Thursday, March 13, 2014

Try Not to Catch the Plague in this Preview for Night of Something Strange

Night of Something Strange is an indie horror film from writers Ron Bonk and Jonathan Straiton. A trailer for this feature was released late last year. Most recently, a few stills were released for the film; two are hosted here. Fans of indie horror are encouraged to take a look at this zombie horror.

The film's story begins with several friends out on vacation. They end up in a seedy hotel and a strange viral infection is spreading from character to character. Once infected, the person turns into a living nightmare.

There are no release details for the film currently. But, fans of horror can preview some of the creepy creatures from the film right here.

Director: Jonathan Straiton.

Writers: Ron Bonk and Jonathan Straiton.

Cast: Brinke Stevens, Nicola Fiore, Kera O'Bryon, Wayne W. Johnson and Kirk LaSalle.

A trailer for Night of Something Strange is here:


A fan page for the film is here:

Night of Something Strange on Facebook


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