Sunday, September 16, 2012

Travel to Deep Space with this Trailer for Gemini Rising

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Gemini Rising is a new sci-fi thriller starring Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Amy Hathaway (Joyride) and Dave Vescio (House of Flesh Mannequins). The film takes place partially in deep space and also on Earth. Alien technology has given a ruthless Colonel (Henriksen) too much power. Now, he is using an alien being and its knowledge to develop science for warfare. All of this can be seen in the film's first official trailer.

The clip is below and fans can expect partially computer generated imagery and action scenes. A release date is still to be announced, but fans of film can take a look at the shadowy alien and the characters inside.

Director: Dana Schroeder.

Producers: Peter Tunney, Fabian Winkelmann, Cyril O’Reilly and John Rogers.

Cast: Lance Henriksen, Amy Hathaway, Brian Krause, John Savage, Dave Vescio and Art Evans.

The film's trailer is here:

The film's fan page is below:

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