Monday, August 06, 2018

Heretiks Promises Forgiveness But Delivers Terrible Sights in this First Trailer

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Tagline: "Forgive Us Our Sins."

The first trailer for Heretiks has debuted today. The clip shows a woman accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death. However, a reverend intervenes and gives her a second chance to conquer her demons. Heretiks was directed by Paul Hyett (Howl), from a script written by Gregory Blair (Deadly Revisions) and Conal Palmer (The Seasoning House). Heretiks also stars Michael Ironside (Patient Seven), Clare Higgins (Hellraiser) and Hannah Arterton. This title is expected to have its World Premiere at this year's Frightfest, in London. Fans with a strong stomach can find the eye-popping trailer below.

The synopsis for Heretiks begins with Persephone's (Arterton) trial. She is rescued before deliberation by the Reverend Mother (Higgins). However, in an isolated Priory, the spirits of evil continue to pursue Persephone. What sins have drawn such demonic forces to her?

The World Premiere, for Heretiks, is scheduled for August 25th. On this date, the film will play in the heart of the United Kingdom. Fans of indie horror can check out this early preview, of the film, with more details on Heretiks to come - before a wider release.

Release Date: August 25th, 2018 (World Premiere).

Director: Paul Hyett.

Writers: Gregory Blair, Paul Hyett and Conal Palmer.

Cast: Hannah Arterton, Michael Ironside, Rosie Day and Clare Higgins.

The official trailer for Hereticks (mature audiences):

Heretiks at Frightfest: Heretiks at Frightfest

Source: Heretiks at Wicked Thrilling Freaks

Heretiks at Bloody Disgusting

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