Tuesday, July 17, 2018

This Trailer for Hell Fest Turns an Amusement Park into a Torture Chamber!

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Tagline: "Fun Going In. Hell Getting Out."

A movie poster and early stills were just released for Gregory Plotkin's Hell Fest. All of these graphics can be seen here. Now, a trailer has just been released, for the film, through CBS Films and Lionsgate. This title is expected to show in late September, theatrically. And, the first trailer shows characters enjoying an amusement park, on Halloween. A masked killer also wants to enjoy the rides. Hell Fest stars: Amy Forsyth (Channel Zero) Bex Taylor-Klaus and if viewers look closely, they will find Tony Todd (Candyman), in make-up. The clip lies in wait below.

In the trailer, characters Natalie (Forsyth), Brooke (Edwards), Taylor (Taylor-Klaus) and a few others enter the amusement park. Some of the park employees are dressed up as monsters, allowing a killer to get close to them. But, everyone thinks this is just a game, until more and more people turn up missing or dead. Now, Natalie must turn the tables on this masked killer, before it is too late.

Hell Fest will release just after Summer. This slasher feature will see several theatres this September 28th. The film promises to revitalize the slasher genre, which had its hey day in the '80s. Fans of horror can find the latest on Hell Fest right here.

Release Date: September 28th, 2018 (Theatrical).

Director: Gregory Plotkin.

Writers: Seth M. Sherwood, Blair Butler, William Penick, Chris Sey, Stephen Susco and Gary Dauberman.

Cast: Amy Forsyth, Reign Edwards, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Christian James, Roby Attal and Matt Mercurio.

The first trailer for Hell Fest:

Andy Palmer's Funhouse Massacre is another horror film that blends amusement parks and masked killers (on Blu-ray):

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