Monday, July 09, 2018

Other Dimension Films Brings Sniper Corpse Back from the Grave in this Early Trailer

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Tagline: "Deadly, Trained Killers...But No One told Them They were Dead!"

Sniper Corpse is an upcoming indie horror feature, from England. Written and directed by Keith R. Robinson (Silverhide, 2015), the film involves the recycling of soldiers' bodies, for even more combat (after they are dead!). This is a horror action film from Other Dimension Films. Also, this is the second film from Other Dimension Films, with the werewolf film Silverhide their previous venture. And, this title is already on a film festival run. Sniper Corpse stars: Howy Bratherton (DeVoid, 2016), Tony Eccles (Ghostgirl, 2010), Gareth Gower, Kit Smith and Jordan Murphy. Fans of more campy styled horror can find more on Sniper Corpse here.

The film's first trailer shows the central character in pain. His face is melting off, he has the desire to kill and there is no way out of his corporeal prison. Yet, his widow still wants to save him, before he kills again. In the clip, Sniper Corpse faces an unscrupulous general. This general is responsible for his decomposing state. And, Sniper Corpse can only be free, after confronting his undead creator.

Sniper Corpse was filmed in Kent, England. Completed earlier this year, the film is currently playing in film festivals. A wider release is expected later in the year. For now, fans of low budget horror can find the latest on this disturbing feature, which promises truly macabre sights and sounds.

Showing Dates: Summer 2018 (Film Festival).

Director/writer: Keith R. Robinson.

Cast: Howy Bratherton, Tony Eccles Gareth Gower, Kit Smith and Jordan Murphy.

The film's official trailer (via Other Dimension Films):

Source: Sniper Corpse at Horrorpedia

Silverhide is available in North America, through a PAL import:

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