Sunday, July 29, 2018

Eyes of the Dead Looks Ahead to a Summer Release with this Zombie Filled Trailer

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Tagline: "Kill or Be Killed."

Eyes of the Dead will be released this Summer. The film is a 6:15 film production. Previously titled 6:15, this zombie thriller was completed in 2015. In 2016, Eyes of the Dead had its World Premiere at the Shriekfest Film Festival. This title is shot to look like a continuous scene, sometimes disorienting critics. Still, fans of ravenous film fare can find the film's release trailer and poster here.

Shot by director Ben Samuels, Eyes of the Dead has a large indie cast. The film centrally stars: Rosebud Baker (The Maladjusted), Matt Riker ("Blurred"), Montana Marks (Camp Dread) and Amy Rutledge. Most of these actors can be seen in the latest trailer. In the clip, a family struggles to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

Eyes of the Dead is being released on Digital platforms, through Red Hound Films. The Digital release is slated for August 24th. Shot through one character's point-of-view, horror fans can view the film's release details here, with the latest zombie romp set to kick off in just a few weeks.

Release Date: August 24th, 2018 (Digital).

Director/writer: Ben Samuels.

Cast: Rosebud Baker, Matt Riker, Ben Samuels, Montana Marks, Amy Rutledge, Jonas Parker and Carol Anne Raffa.

The official trailer at Eyes of the Dead:

Source: Eyes of the Dead at Red Hounds Films

Action thriller Hardcore Henry is another film which uses a POV shooting style, with the film meant to look like one continuous shot:

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