Monday, July 23, 2018

Argentinean Horror Anthology Terror 5 to Release through Artsploitation Films on December 4th!

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Terror 5 is a horror anthology from Argentina. A Spanish language title, this film has had several film festival appearances, since its completion in 2016. Now, Artsploitation Films is set to release the film, on home entertainment formats, in late 2018. The film's five stories involve: a corrupt City Governor, two lovers filmed in their hotel room, two friends whose late night trick is turned against them, a snuff film that might be real and a date gone-very-wrong! A trailer for the film (found below) was released in 2016. The early release details, for Terror 5, are hosted here.

The film has already played across the world, to some acclaim. In Spain, the film has played at the Sitges International Film Festival. In North America, Terror 5 has played at the Denver International Film Festival. Culture Crypt mentions the film's compelling shooting style: "sharp camerawork charges the atmosphere with suitable chills and that attention to cinematography carries the film further conceptually than the stories themselves do." Terror 5 is a professionally shot feature. Soon, this film will reach wider audiences.

Artsploitation Films will show Terror 5, likely, on DVD and VOD this December 5. The film's five short stories (“Colegio,” “TTT,” “Senorita Virga,” “Marina y Mariana,” & “Gritos”) bring five very different tales to the screen. To scare some and shock others, Terror 5 should be on most indie horror fans' calendars. More details are below.

Release Date: December 4th, 2018 (DVD, Digital).

Directors: Sebastian Rotstein and Federico Rotstein.

Writers: Nicolas Gueilburt and Sebastian Rotstein.

Cast: Airas Alban, Augusto Alvarez, Nai Awada, Juan Barberini, Magdalena Capobianco and Cecilia Cartasegna.

An official trailer for Terror 5 (via WernerCine):

*all of the short films are based on urban legends.

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