Tuesday, June 26, 2018

This is More than Just a Puppet Show with Jon Bristol's Bizarre Slasher - Head!

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Terror Films is set to release Jon Bristol's puppet focused horror feature Head. The film is a throwback to '80s slashers. Characters step out for a camping trip, for fun in the sun. Alone and isolated, a crazed killer emerges from the woods to upset this good time. Voices for this feature include: Manda Vasas, Nick Foreman, Mike Finland and Sally Arlette-Garcia. The script was a collaboration between three writers: director Bristol, J.R. Calvo and Brian Woodman. Now, release details are available for this strange take on the slasher sub-genre.

Head has already seen the film festival circuit. Since 2015, the film has had over a dozen appearances, including showings at: the Yellow Fever Film Festival, the Fantastic Horror Film Festival, the Hong Kong Art House Film Festival and several others. This title has truly travelled the world.

On July 13th (Friday the 13th), Head will show on most Digital platforms. Initially, this title will appear on: Amazon Prime, iTunes, VUDU and Tubi TV. At a later date, Head will show on DVD. For now, fans of the bizarre can take a look at a puppet horror movie, with the film's official, early stills. In the vein of the Happy Time Murders, Head hopes to blow viewers away, with something they have never seen before!

Release Date: July 13th, 2018 (Digital).

Director: Jon Bristol.

Writers: Jon Bristol, J.R. Calvo and Brian Woodman.

Cast: Manda Vasas, Nick Foreman, Mike Finland and Sally Arlette-Garcia.

A Head Homepage: A Head Official Website with More Details

Head at the Terror Films' website: A Head Landing Page at Terror Films

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