Monday, June 18, 2018

Scott Schirmer's Latest Film Project The Bad Man Debuts this Fall: Second Trailer

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Tagline: "In 2018, You Will Say His Name."

The Bad Man is the latest film from Indiana based director Scott Schirmer. Schirmer is known for his horrifying serial killer thriller Found (2012), Harvest Lake (2016) and Plank Face (2016). His latest was partially crowdfunded through Kickstarter. In The Bad Man, Ellie Church (Headless, 2015) stars as Mary, a woman kidnapped by a sadistic clown. PJ (Jason Crowe) is also confined in a remote house. This young couple must find a way out of their dire situation, before auction day arrives. A Blu-ray version of the film will be available this Fall. And, the film's second trailer is hosted below.

Only Kickstarter backers will receive the upcoming Limited Edition Blu-ray. This version includes Examination Sheets, an autographed character postcard and other goodies. Those not part of the Kickstarter campaign, can get a hold of another Blu-ray version in November. Though, this second version will also be limited in stock.

The Bad Man is slated to have its World Premiere this October. Kickstarter backers will receive their Limited Edition Blu-rays in September. The film also stars: Arthur Cullipher, Dave Parker, Alyss Winkler, Kevin Roach, Brian Papandrea and David Hancock. And, The Bad Man's latest trailer shows the film's many strange characters. The clip also shows the victims changed into something else. More release details will be announced this Fall.

Release Date: November 2018 (Blu-ray).

Director/writer: Scott Schirmer.

Cast: Ellie Church, Arthur Cullipher, Jason Crowe Arthur Cullipher, Dave Parker, Alyss Winkler and Kevin Roach.

The second trailer for The Bad Man:

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One of Schirmer's wider releases, Found, via Xlrator:

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