Friday, April 23, 2021

Vampires are on the Run in Indie Thriller The Slayers!

Tagline: "Hunt or Die."

The Slayers is a horror comedy. Originally released in the United Kingdom in 2016, this vampire slaying feature has just released in the United States this week. From director John Williams, this feature stars: Darren McAree (Crispy's Curse), Matthew Sandland and George Newton. The new U.S. trailer and poster are available here.

The U.S. trailer shows several inept vampire slayers. No one takes them seriously at first. But, as the army of monsters grows, these hunters' skills improve in the chaos.

Wild Eye Releasing has just released The Slayers this week. Available on DVD and Digital platforms, fans of indie horror titles can find The Slayers out now!

Release Date: April 21st, 2021 (U.S., DVD, Digital).

Director/writer: John Williams.

Cast: Darren McAree, Matthew Sandland, George Newton.

The official U.S. trailer (via Wild Eye Releasing):

Available here:

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