Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Director Owen Conway and Producer Mem Ferda Bring Supernatural Shoot-up Ghost Town to Audiences in 2021

Ghost Town is a horror western that was shot in Arizona. Developed by writer Owen Conway (Eminence Hill) and producer Mem Ferda (The Devil's Double), this feature is set in 1877, during the Wild West. In this setting, character Soloman is a barkeep with a bad reputation, with locals suspecting him of murder. As well, Eva Hamilton (Death Kiss) stars, along with Becky Jo Harris. The film's first poster is here.

Ferda's production arm, Filmcore, and Matchstick Movies helped complete this title. Ferda says of Ghost Town: "there is a huge demand for Western and Horror films...I aim to continue fulfilling fans needs and desires for cross genre films with gripping storylines." Ghost Town hopes to gain followers of both the horror and western genres.

Ghost Town is nearing completion and is expected to release later in 2021. More details will be released on this story driven feature, which looks at a mysterious character. And, the film poster offers a few more clews at to the direction of the plot.

Release Date: Mid 2021. 

Director/writer: Owen Conway.

Producer: Mem Ferda Executive Producer: Robert Conway 

Cast includes: Owen Conway, Eva Hamilton, Becky Jo Harris, Robert Sprayberry. 

*a trailer is coming soon.

A previous effort from director Owen Conway - Eminence Hill (2019):

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