Friday, March 26, 2021

Where There is Smoke There is Fire in Pål Øie's The Tunnel!

Tagline: "Two Ways In - No Way Out."

The Tunnel is a film from Norway. From Norwegian director Pål Øie (Villmark 2), this latest release focuses on an obstructed tunnel, in which a tanker trunk has been damaged. Now, everyone inside this cavern are forced to find a way out as time runs out. As well, The Tunnel stars: Thorbjørn Harr ("Vikings"), Ylva Lyng Fuglerud and Lisa Carlehed. The film's U.S. trailer and poster are here.

A father is in search of his daughter, in this official trailer. Determined to find her, he will risk smoke and fire as oxygen wears out in this brutal traffic accident. As survivors dwindle, these first responders will have to risk everything to save others.

Samuel Goldwyn Films will release The Tunnel this April. To show in some theatres and on Digital, The Tunnel brings a catastrophe to the screen April 9th. For fans of disaster titles, The Tunnel will be one to look out for, next month.

Release Date: April 9th, 2021 (Theatrical, Digital).

Director: Pål Øie.

Writers: Kjersti Helen Rasmussen.

Cast: Thorbjørn Harr, Ylva Lyng Fuglerud, Lisa Carlehed, Ingvild Holthe Bygdnes, Mikkel Bratt Silset, and Per Egil Aske.

The official U.S. trailer for The Tunnel (via Samuel Goldwyn Films):

More Details at Samuel Goldwyn Films: The Tunnel at Samuel Goldwyn Films

Director Oie also directed the horror title Villmark Asylum (2015), which is worth a watch:

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