Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Making Monsters Goes Viral this March 26th

“We’re Going to Have So Much Fun.”

Making Monsters is an upcoming indie horror title. From co-directors Justin Harding ("Latched") and Rob Brunner, this feature involves a Youtube prankster and his desire to scare two dinner guests. Events go too far on one dark night. As well, the small cast consists of: Jonathan Craig (Carved), Tim Loden and Alana Elmer. Now, Samuel Goldwyn Films has released the U.S. trailer and poster.

This prankster likes to change his appearance, while creating viral videos. With each new incarnation, the scares increase as seen in the two stills posted here.

Samuel Goldwyn Films will launch Making Monsters this March 26th. To show on Digital platforms, this award winning feature will bring real terror to screens in just a couple of weeks.

Release Date: March 26th, 2021 (U.S., Digital, On-demand).

Directors: Rob Brunner & Justin Harding. Writer: Justin Harding.

Cast: Alana Elmer, Tim Loden, Jonathan Craig, Jarrett Siddall, King Chiu.

The official trailer for Making Monsters (via Samuel Goldwyn Films): 

More details and stills at the Samuel Goldwyn Films’ website: 

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