Thursday, January 28, 2021

A Daughter Opens Old Wounds in Family Thriller Reunion

Tagline: "Every Family has a Legacy."

Reunion is a family drama, with a horror element. In the film, a daughter returns to her family home. Here, she opens old wounds as her mother continues to malinger in this mansion. From director Jake Mahaffy (War), Reunion is set to see theatres in the United States, while debuting on Digital, in early February. As well, Reunion stars: Julia Ormond ("The Walking Dead: World Beyond"), Emma Draper (Wellington Paranormal) and Ava Keane. The film's official artwork is here, along with more details on the story.

Shot in New Zealand, Reunion also shows the daughter being very pregnant. Tensions flare as childhood secrets are revealed.

Also, the official artwork for Reunion is multi-layered. The stairs look like old film stock. The ghostly child shows how the film will play in both the past and present, with all of the characters appearing centrally.

Reunion will show, via Dark Sky Films, this February 5th. On this date, thriller fans can find the film on most Digital platforms. Theatre screenings will take place in: Los Angeles, Portland, Kansas City and Silver Springs. All of the details on this family thriller are below.

Release Date: February 5th, 2021 (Digital, U.S. Theatres).

Director/writer: Jake Mahaffy.

Cast: Julia Ormond, Emma Draper, John Bach, Cohen Holloway, Ava Keane, Gina Laverty, John Bach.

More Details on Reunion at Dark Sky Films: Reunion at Dark Sky Films

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