Tuesday, November 10, 2020

A Dark Tale Turns to One of Hope in The Adversary: A Preview

Tagline: "Can a Soul Devoted to Evil Find Rest?"

The Adversary is an upcoming horror feature. Being developed by Aqueduct Pictures, this title takes its story from real life. In the story, a man is psychologically broken down and trained to serve his evil masters. When Leehan is tasked with a murder, his target changes his life and turns it towards good.

The Adversary is still in pre-production and is hoping to complete in 2021. Director Mary Lambert (Pet Semetary, 1989) is currently attached with cast members set to be announced soon. Currently, this title is set to appear at this year's American Film Market, which is online only - this year.

For now, a proof-of-concept trailer is available below. And, this true story, which offers a story of hope, will announce more production details later this year as Aqueduct Pictures preps' to shoot this feature. All of the currently available details for The Adversary are here.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Mary Lambert.

Cast: TBA.

A proof-of-concept trailer (via Aqueduct Pictures):

More details at Aqueduct Pictures: The Adversary Details at Aqueduct Pictures

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