Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Fresh Off of Clownado with Producer Mem Ferda - Todd Sheets Returns to Horror with Anthology Hi-Fear!

Tagline: "What Are You Afraid Of?"

Todd Sheets' next feature will be Hi-Fear. Coming off of the terrorific Clownado, which was released in late September 2019 with producer Mem Ferda, Sheet's latest feature is the third film in the Hi-8 series. To release in 2021, Hi-Fear is a horror anthology, which involves three tales: "When Shadows Come Alive," "Losing It At the Devil's Whorehouse," and "Out of Days." As well, other filmmakers working on this latest feature include: Tim Ritter (Truth or Dare), Brad Sykes (Camp Blood) and Tony Goggles (Hi-Death). A few early details are available for this anthology, here!

Already in production, Hi-Fear will force the directors and writers to face "their deepest fears (Nightfall Pictures)." And, each short film will focus on a new anxiety.

Principal photography has already started on this title, with production expected to complete later this year. To show in 2021, this title already stars: Dilynn Fawn Harvey (Clownado), Julie Ann Prescott (House of Blood) and several others.

More details will be released for this Nightfall Pictures' endeavour, once post-production begins. As well, a trailer will surely be coming this way soon, for a film that promises to look deep into the human psyche and to find what darkness lurks there.

Release Date: 2021.

Directors: Tim Ritter, Todd Sheets and Brad Sykes.

Writers: Tim Ritter, Todd Sheets, Brad Sykes and Josephina Sykes.

Cast: Julie Anne Prescott, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, Todd Martin, Trish Erickson-Martin, Patrick Joseph Brescia and Jack McCord.

*a trailer is coming soon

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