Thursday, October 01, 2020

Filmmakers Paul Tanter, Simon Phillips and Mem Ferda Bring Season One of "Age of the Living Dead" to DVD in the UK - Out Now!

Tagline: "In the War Between Humans & Vampires Peace is Dead."

"Age of the Living Dead" takes place in a world of vampires. Behind border walls, humans and vampires work together in a dystopic environment. In a No Man's Land, one woman may be a secret weapon, leading to the destruction of one side or both sides. 

This series was developed by creators Simon Phillips and Paul Tanter, along with producer Mem Ferda. The first season hosts a tonne of actors, including: Julia Farino ("The Gifted"), Eve Mauro (Land of the Lost), David B. Meadows and several others. Recently, Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment released Season One on DVD, in the United Kingdom.

The first season hosts all six episodes. Available in a PAL version, this DVD runs over four hours long. Each episode is about fourty-five minutes and is rated for viewers fifteen years and older. Very much an action series, Season One can be purchased now, with this first season also showing on Amazon Prime, in the U.S.

Release Date: September 7th, 2020 (DVD, UK).

Creator: Simon Phillips.

Producers: Mem Ferda and Toby Meredith.

Cast: Julia Farino, Eve Mauro, David B. Meadows, Nicola Posener, Norman Black, Deji LaRay.

The Season One trailer (via Brit Flicks):

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