Thursday, September 24, 2020

Shortcut is an Italian Horror Fantasy from Director Alessio Liguori

Shortcut is a horror fantasy from Italy. Daniele Cosci (The Binding) wrote the screenplay for this feature, which debuts this week across North America. Alessio Liguori (In the Trap) directed this film. And, Shortcut focuses on five classmates, trapped inside a school bus as a creature lurks outside. Gravitas will handle the film's theatrical release across Canada and the U.S., with some showings taking place in drive-ins. The film's latest theatrical details are here.

The trailer shows the five students surrounded by something dangerous. Trapped in a tunnel, they must find a way to survive the night, until help can arrive.

Drive-ins and indoor theatres will begin showings this September 25th. A digital release will take place on December 22nd. Rated Restricted for bloody images, this title has a short runtime of eighty minutes. The trailer, in case you missed it, is below.

Release Date: September 25th, 2020 (Limited Theatrical) and December 22nd (Digital).

Director: Alessio Liguori.

Writer: Daniele Cosci.

Cast: Andrei Claude, Jack Kane, Zack Sutcliffe, Sophie Jane Oliver.

The official trailer for Shortcut (via Gravitas):

The film's official website: The Shorctut Homepage

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