Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Jeremy Berg's Crime Thriller Martingale Nears Completion

Tagline: "Revenge is a Real Mess."

Martingale is a crime thriller from director Jeremy Berg (The Last Laugh). The script was written by Chris Joseph Taylor. And, the film follows a casino security officer as she becomes involved in a seedy underworld. This underworld may have clues to the disappearance of her teenage daughter. Berg's latest feature stars: James Grixoni ("Twin Peaks"), Konstantin Melikhov ("Narcos"), Rachelle Henry and Darlene Sellers. Martingale is currently in post-production. A trailer was released for this title over the Summer and can be found below, along with other release details.

As a production update, pickup shots were completed this past March, before the film moved into post-production. Then, there was musical composing to get through, shortly after that. Currently, Martingale is finishing the last rounds of post-production, before a specific release date is announced.

The initial Summer of 2020 release date has been pushed back. This title may release later this year, if there are no further interruptions or into 2021, after post-production is completed. For now, fans of crime thrillers or of true indie productions can find the trailer below, in case you missed it.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Jeremy Berg.

Writer: Chris Joseph Taylor.

Cast: William Shockley, Kelly Sullivan, Rachelle Henry, Konstantin Melikhov. 

The film's official trailer via Adventus Films (rated Mature for: sexuality, violence):

Martingale at Adventus Films: Martingale Details at Adventus

Berg's previous release was The Last Laugh:

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