Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Disorienting Cult Thriller Welcome to the Circle to Debut in the U.S. this October 20th!

Welcome to the Circle is the first feature as director for David Fowler. Also known as The Circle, this feature was acquired by Devilworks in March, for potential distribution. Now, Artsploitations Films will show this feature, in the U.S., in October. In the film's story, a camping adventure turns to tragedy for a father and his daughter. Now, both characters are trapped in a murderous cult. This title stars: Heather Doerksen (Pacific Rim), Matthew MacCaull (Star Trek Beyond) and Taylor Dianne Robinson. And, the film's release details are hosted here.

Welcome to the Circle has appeared at a couple of film festivals, including Fantasporto (Portugal). Here, the film was reviewed at ScifiNow, who notices the film's confusing affect: "an ever more disorienting trip through locations." Anton Bitel also mentions that the film will disorient the viewer: "Fowler’s literal cult movie will leave you bewildered and shell-shocked." Your initiation into the cult begins this October 20th, through home entertainment formats.

On this date, Welcome to the Circle will be available on: DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Platforms. This title runs 98 minutes. And, Artsploitation Films will announce any special features, for Welcome to the Circle, closer to the film's impending release date, which almost synchs' up with Halloween!

Release Date: October 20th, 2020 (Digital, DVD, Blu-ray).

Director/writer: David Fowler.

Cast: Taylor Dianne Robinson, Heather Doerksen, Matthew MacCaull.

The official trailer for Welcome to the Circle (via Artsploitation Films):

Welcome to the Circle at Artsploitation Films: Welcome to the Circle at Artsploitation

A review at Scifinow from Fantasporto: An Early Welcome to the Circle Review at Scifinow

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