Monday, July 27, 2020

This Inheritance is Cursed with this Concept Poster for Devil's Island

Devil's Island is an upcoming horror production. To begin shooting this August, the film involves two best friends, a remote cottage and a missing person. This title will begin shooting this August, with father and son team Sean and Taylor King at the helm. Casting is still taking place, but Pete Berwick (Night Flight), Kristjan Sokoli and Cliff Yates will star. And, the film's early concept poster is hosted here.

A second synopsis mentions a young woman inheriting an island. Once there, she finds that the locale hosts an evil secret.

Devil's Island is slated for an Amazon launch, later this year. Then, the film will show internationally as Devil's Island searches for more distributors. This title will show in early December with a few more details below.

Release Date: December 1st, 2020 (Amazon Prime).

Directors/writers: Sean King, Taylor King

Cast: Pete Berwick, Kristjan Sokoli, Cliff Yates.

More details will be posted here, at a future date: A New Zealand Son Films' Homepage

Another film, My Alien Girlfriend, from directors Sean and Taylor King:

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