Thursday, June 11, 2020

Witchy Thriller The Reckoning Shows More of its Plague Stricken Settings

Tagline: "Thou Shall Not Let A Witch to Live."

The Reckoning is the latest horror film from United Kingdom director Neil Marshall (Doomsday). His latest is set in the year 1665, when the Great Plague is still ravaging Europe. Meanwhile, witch burning is the norm. In the chaos, a widowed mother is targeted for persecution, after rejecting the advances of a landlord. This title stars: Charlotte Kirk (Ocean's 8), Cal MacAninch (Calibre) and Ian Whyte. A concept poster (left) and early still were released for the film late last year; now, two more stills are available, showing more of the cast.

Director Marshall has talked about the film a few times, since 2019. At The Sun, he talked about actress Charlotte Kirk's challenges working on set: "she's literally being doused in water and tied up to torture devices and persecuted on a daily basis." This was not an average shoot for any of the filmmakers. Marshall also mentions the reality of the film: "it's an amazing story based on true events...and survival with a very, very dark horror story around it." A horrifying tale, The Reckoning will bring real history to screens, soon.

The Reckoning has recently completed shooting in the United Kingdom. So, a trailer is likely to debut shortly. For now, two new movie stills are available here. 

Actress Charlotte Kirk as Grace.

Plague Doctors Remove the Dead.

Release Date: (TBA).

Director: Neil Marshall. 

Writers: Edward Evers-Swindell, Charlotte Kirk and Neil Marshall.

Cast: Ian Whyte, Bill Fellows, Craig Conway, and Darren Morfitt.

*a trailer is coming soon.

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