Friday, June 05, 2020

The Transcendents Goes Down a Mysterious Path in Search of a Missing Band

The Transcendents
is an upcoming mystery thriller. From director Derek Ahonen, the film involves a drifter - in search of a now defunct band. When Roger finds the remnants of the band, he is surprised to find out what happened to the remaining band members. This indie title stars: the Go-Gos Kathy Valentine, Rob Franco (Sicario: Day of the Soldado) and Savannah Welch. Indican Pictures will handle this film's release in U.S. theatres and on Digital platforms.

The trailer shows Roger (Franco) in search of the band. His trip leads him to strange places and stranger characters. Eventually, he finds those who know The Transcendents. But, this mystery might never be fully revealed.

The Transcendents will debut on June 19th, in select U.S. theatres. On July 21st, the film will be available on Digital and DVD. Mystery or thriller fans can expect the film to debut on Amazon, during this secondary release. And, the trailer for The Transcendents awaits below.

Rob Franco as Roger.

Savannah Welch as Kim.

Release Date: June 19th, 2020 (Limited Theatrical) and July 21st, 2020 (DVD, Digital).

Director/writer: Derek Ahonen.

Cast: Savannah Welch, Rob Franco, Kathy Valentine, Ben Reno, William LeRoy, Paul Sevigny and Cecilia Deacon.

The official trailer for The Transcendents (via Indican Pictures):

For more information: The Transcendents at Indican

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