Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Scottish Thriller Playhouse Pits a Horror Writer Against an Ancient Evil

Tagline: "Come Play with Us."

Playhouse is the debut feature from brothers Fionn and Toby Watts. Together, they have set their film in an old castle, which houses something malevolent. Meanwhile, a horror writer is finding inspiration for a new play, from this evil abode. A Far North Film production, a trailer was released for the film in late 2019. A new trailer was released two months ago (found below) and a new poster is available here.

Playhouse features a small cast. Focusing on characters Jack (William Holstead) and Bee Travis (Grace Courtney), the film also stars: Helen Mackay and James Rottger. All of the cast have had to endure the harsh Scottish landscapes as seen in the clip below.

Playhouse has not completed production. Represented by Devil Works for a potential worldwide distribution, this horror film will also begin a film festival run this Summer. Fans of indie horror can follow the film's progression at the Far North Film website below.

Release Date: August 2020 (UK, Film Festivals).

Directors/writers: Fionn Watts, Toby Watts.

Cast: Grace Courtney, Eilidh McLaughlin, Helen Mackay, William Holstead and James Rottger.

The latest official trailer for Playhouse (via Devil Works):

One of the best haunted house features of all time - The Conjuring (2013):

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