Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Nine Friends Face the Timer in Alastair Orr's Triggered: First Poster

Tagline: "Your Countdown Has Begun."

Horror thriller Triggered is a film about nine characters and bomb vests. Each friend has a suicide bomb vest strapped to their chest; each vest has a countdown timer. And, these nine characters must work together to survive a devious plot. As well, Triggered is currently in post-production. Shot in South Africa, this feature is slated for an appearance in Santa Monica, at this year's American Film Market. The film was shot by Alastair Orr (House on Willow Street) and stars: Sean Cameron Michael (Broken Darkness), Reine Swart ("Z Nation") and Steven John Ward. Recently, a movie poster was released for the film and the graphic can be found here.

The film poster shows a character with axe-in-hand. Also, the film's synopsis mentions stealing another person's time, through murder. These friends must turn on each other to survive! And, the characters' time is running out as seen in the middle of the graphic, with the number 01:22. The tagline: "your countdown has begun" illuminates the dire situation, with the vests tamper proof. The timer has begun and Triggered will be available soon.

Triggered is currently represented by Octane Entertainment, for future distribution. There are already plans to show the film in South Africa, via distribution house The First Order. And, with the film near completion, a trailer is likely to come out for this title later in the year. For now, film fans can preview Orr's latest right here.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Alastair Orr.

Writer: David D. Jones.

Cast: Sean Cameron Michael, Reine Swart, Steven John Ward and Craig Urbani.

*a trailer is coming soon.

Nine Dead (2010) is another indie title, in which nine characters face a deadly situation:

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