Monday, May 04, 2020

Marvin Choi's Post-Apocalyptic Tale A Knight's Tour to Debut this Month on Digital Platforms

Tagline: "The Wrong Move Could be Deadly."

A Knight's Tour is a post-apocalyptic thriller. To be distributed by Terror Films, A Knight's Tour follows J.D. (Darnel Powell), an injured drifter. When J.D. finds a remote cabin occupied by Henry (Joseph Price), both men form a friendship over a game of chess. But, Henry soon finds J.D.'s journal and suspects invaders are nearby. Developed by Marvin Choi, A Knight's Tour has travelled the film festival circuit, throughout 2019. Now, A Knight's Tour is slated to show on Digital platforms later this month.

A Knight's Tour has played at over ten film festivals. This title has shown at: the Pan African Film Festival, DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon, the San Francisco Black Film Festival, the Revelation Perth International Film Festival and many more. At the Kansas International Film Festival, A Knight's Tour won a "Feature Narrative Jury Award." Soon, post-apocalyptic fans can see the film on home entertainment formats this month.

Terror Films will debut A Knight's Tour on most Digital platforms. To show on: Prime Video, Tubi Tv, Youtube and Google Play - A Knight's Tour will continue its Digital roll-out throughout the year. For now, the film's official U.S. poster and trailer are available here, ahead of this month's Digital release.

Release Date: May 2020 (Digital).

Director/writer: Marvin Choi.

Cast: Darnel Powell, Joseph Price.

The official trailer for A Knight's Tour (via the 28DLA Youtube Channel):

A Knight's Tour at Terror Films: A Knight's Tour Details at Terror films

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