Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Marshes Seeps its Way onto U.S. DVD Markets in June

The Marshes is an indie horror feature, from Australia. Originally broadcast in the film's country of origin in 2018, The Marshes debuted on Shudder earlier this year (January). In the film, three microbiologists head out into a watery environment, to collect  samples. They find something more deadly there, instead. From director Roger Scott, this title stars: Dafna Kronental, Sarah Armanious and Matthew Cooper. Receiving a tepid response upon its release in North America, the film's DVD release details are hosted here, for U.S. movie collectors.

Most reviews have not been kind to Scott's The Marshes. Many reviews have complained about the lack of action and conflict. The Rotting Zombie even mentions a strange, dual ending: "this non-committal makes the film seem a bit unsure of itself...this even stretches to the film's ending that is actually two different endings playing one after the other...together they cancel each other out." A double ending can be a bit confusing. As well, Matt Donato talks about the film's convoluted nature: "The Marshes is muddier and cloudier than the bog waters actors splash through. Australia’s Roger Scott attempts his own marshland take on Stephen King’s In The Tall Grass." The Marshes searches for an identity in both of these reviews. And, The Marshes might be for only the most die-hard horror fans.

RLJ Entertainment will debut The Marshes this June 16th, on DVD. Those in the U.S. can pick up the DVD on this date, with the release offering no special features. However, this release will be unrated. Also available on Shudder, The Marshes may bog down some viewers, but thrill others.

Release Date: June 16th, 2020 (U.S., DVD).

Director/writer: Roger Scott.

Cast:  Dafna Kronental,  Sarah Armanious,  Mathew Cooper,  Sam Delich,  Eddie Baroo,  Zac Drayson,  Amanda McGregor,  Katherine Beckett,  Cass Cumerford.

The official trailer for The Marshes (via Shudder):

The Marshes has an MSRP of $27.97 (USD), but is listed on Amazon at $14.59:

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