Friday, May 29, 2020

A Curse is Unleashed in The Evil Rises this Summer

Tagline: "Damnation is Upon Us."

A new poster and trailer have debuted for Daniel Florenzano's The Evil Rises. This feature, which was shot in San Diego, follows a group of friends, who find a cursed idol. Now, an evil spirit has been unleashed upon them. Terror Films will bring the film to U.S. Digital platforms this month and into the next. And, The Evil Rises stars: Bailey La Flam (ANiMUS), Joe Paulson (Pieces and Parts), Michael Glauser, Julian De La Mora, Alec Lobato and Edward Hollingsworth. The film's promotional materials are available now.

The official U.S. artwork shows a man on fire. Corrupted by something evil, the figure screams in agony. The title is also aflame as the tagline warns: "damnation is upon us." Horror fans can find a dark salvation as The Evil Rises debuts across the U.S., this Summer.

The Evil Rises is already available on TUBI TV. Terror Films will continue the film's rollout on: Amazon, Google Play Movies, iTunes, Vudu, Roku and others. Film fans should check in with their favourite online rental outlets to view the film for themselves, now!

Release Date: Q3 (U.S., Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, Roku).

Director/writer: Daniel Florenzano.

Cast: Bailey La Flam, Michael Glauser, Julian De La Mora 

The official trailer for The Evil Rises (via Terror Films): 


The Evil Rises at TUBI TV: The Evil Rises on TUBI TV

To learn more about TERROR FILMS, visit: The Official Website for Terror Films

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