Monday, March 16, 2020

Wreckage Takes Place Below Ground After an Explosive Attack: A Preview

Tagline: "Breathe. Think. Survive."

Wreckage is a thriller from director Marco Ristori (Eaters: Rise of the Dead). Developed from a screenplay by Luca Boni and A.J. Ferrara, this feature is being developed by U.S. and Canadian based production house Double Dutch International. In the film, a man trapped under rubble, in a collapsed building. A terrorist attack has just taken place and Tony (Cam Gigandet) has no memory of the tragic events. Wreckage also stars Emilie de Ravin ("Lost"). And, the film's first concept poster is hosted here.

The first poster for Wreckage shows Tony. Trapped in rubble, the graphic also reveals bullet holes. Has Tony been directly targeted? The tagline: "Breathe. Think. Survive" reminds the protagonist to be in the moment. Survival might be impossible in these tight confines.

The official synopsis also mentions that the central character has a cellular phone. Similar to other films, Tony has a lifeline and they are instructing Tony on how to make it through the catastrophe. 2002's Panic Room and Rodrigo Cort├ęs' Buried (2010) come to mind as a central character struggles in a confined space, with villains lurking outside. Perhaps, Wreckage will bring something original, once shooting finishes.

Wreckage will have a trailer when production nears completion. Still in pre-production, Wreckage will move ahead when global events begin to stamp down, a bit. For now, fans of thrillers can find the early details on Ristori's Wreckage here.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Marco Ristori.

Writers: Luca Boni, A.J. Ferrara.

Cast: Emilie de Ravin, Cam Gigandet

*a trailer is coming fairly soon.

Source: Wreckage at Double Dutch

Another character trapped below ground - in Buried:

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