Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Horror Comedy Two Heads Creek Takes Characters to Strange Lands in 2020

Two Heads Creek is a horror comedy from the minds of Jesse O'Brien (Alien Arrival) and Jordan Waller. In the film, a brother and sister search for the birthplace of their biological mother. Leaving the United Kingdom behind for Australia, these siblings find something strange - in the Outback. Two Heads Creek had its World Premiere in October of 2019, at Monster Fest. Now, this title has been picked up by the Horror Collective for a future U.S. release (Deadline). Starring Kathryn Wilder ("Frontier"), Jordan Waller and Helen Dallimore, a trailer for the film is available here, along with the U.S. artwork.

Director O'Brien has talked about the film at a few festivals. He introduces the film as "irreverent, kooky, quirky, horror-comedy, very much more comedy than horror (Supanova)." A lot of that comedy comes from the interactions between characters Norman (Waller) and Annabelle (Wilder). O'Brien also mentions the wide scope of the horror genre: "[horror] gives you the chance to explore different visuals...the kind of images you don’t see in every day life. And that’s always what intrigues me about new stories." Horror lets you go as far as your imagination allows. And, Two Heads Creek looks to step in a few strange nooks and crannies, later in 2020.

The Horror Collective has not announced a specific release date. Though, Two Heads Creek is sure to see home theatres sometime in 2020. Fans of indie horror or of comedy can find the latest on intercontinentally shot feature below.

Release Date: 2020.

Director: Jesse O'Brien.

Writer: Jordan Waller.

Cast: Jordan Waller, Kathryn Wilder, Helen Dallimore, Kevin Harrington, Stephen Hunter, Gary Sweet and Kerry Armstrong.

The trailer for Two Heads Creek (via Film ink):

Two Heads Creek at the Horror Collective: Two Heads Creek Details at the Collective

Sources: Two Heads Creek at Deadline

An Interview with Jesse O'Brien at Supanova

The Horror Collective also released The Dare (2020) recently:

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