Monday, March 02, 2020

Fueled by Vengeance Yoshiki Takahashi's Rageaholic Debuts an Early Poster Ahead of a 2020 Release

A concept poster has been released for Yoshiki Takahashi's Rageaholic. Shot in Tokyo, this thriller centers on police officer Fukama (Yohta Kawase). Fueled by anger, Fukama's arrest techniques lead to several deaths. Now, Fukama has been exiled to America, until he can get his temper under control. But, something has changed in Japan, when he returns - leading to another bout of rage. Rageaholic also stars: Ryuju Kobayashi (August in Tokyo), ManzĂ´ Shinra (Ichi the Killer) and model Aya Saiki. Developed by writer Yuki Kobayashi, more story details are available here.

The official synopsis mentions the town, in which Fukama become infamous. After treatment in psychotherapy, Fukama finds this small city overly clean and sanitized. Those townsfolk who do not conform are sentenced to death. And now, Fukama's anger is fueling a desire for vengeance.

Rageaholic has completed shooting. Now, a film festival run is being planned with a wider release scheduled for 2020. Fans of crime thriller's or strange police procedurals can see the film soon, with a specific release date set to be announced soon.

Release Date: 2020 (TBA).

Director: Yoshiki Takahashi.

Writer: Yuki Kobayashi.

Cast: Yohta Kawase, Aya Saiki, Ryuju Kobayashi, Manzo Shinra.

*a trailer is coming soon.

Director Takahashi also worked on Tokyo Gore Police (2008):

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