Thursday, March 26, 2020

A War Between Mystical Worlds in Joseph Sayer's King's Gambit

Tagline: "A New Herald Rises."

King's Gambit is an action fantasy feature. From director Joseph Sayer, this feature focuses on a herald, who must keep the world in a mystical balance. But, others are looking to steal his powers. King's Gambit will show in April. And, the film stars: Blake Webb ("American Horror Story"), Rebecca Galaraza (The Investigator) and Reggie Peters (HazMat). To show in the United States, the film's poster and trailer are available here.

The official film poster shows character Bryce (Webb) and two worlds. An early move in Chess, the King's Gambit promises a fantastical world, where good and evil collide.

Indican Pictures will launch King's Gambit in theatres on April 3rd, if possible. A secondary release will take place on April 24th, through Digital and DVD. Platforms hosting the film include: Amazon, Fandango Now, iTunes, FlixFling, Google Play, Redbox, VuDu and Youtube Movies. Finally, the film's trailer shows Bryce trying to maintain order, in a world becoming ever more chaotic.

Release Date: April 3rd, 2020 (Limited Theatrical) and April 24th (DVD, Digital).

Directors/writers: Joseph Sayer.

Cast: Blake Webb, Rebecca Galarza, Reggie Peters, Wade Williams, Sheryl Carbonell, Jimmy Dempster and Andrew Romano.

The official trailer for King's Gambit (via Indican Pictures):

More on King's Gambit at Indican Pictures: King's Gambit Release Details at Indican

Actor Reggie Peters starred in the decent, indie thriller HazMat (2013):

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