Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Joe Begos' VFW to Bring More Chaos to the Screen this March 31st

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Tagline: "These Veterans are in for the Fight of Their Lives."

VFW is the latest film from director Joe Begos (Bliss). The acronym stands for Veterans of Foreign Wars. And, this title has already released on Digital platforms. Now, VFW is set to show on DVD and Blu-ray, through RLJ Entertainment. In the story, several veterans protect a teenage girl, from a criminal gang. After a bag of drugs, this group of killers will stop at nothing to get their illicit materials back. Set to release in March, the film's secondary release details are hosted here.

Begos has talked about VFW, recently. At Modern Horrors, Begos discussed the set work in Dallas and how austere this location was: "you’re just so far removed from everything." Begos adapted the story to fit this setting. This filmmaker also mentioned that there will be a few extras on the VFW release: "there’s going to be some behind the scenes material included...we also recorded a couple of commentaries for it too." So, film collectors can expect a few extras with this release!

VFW will show this March 31st. The release will have lots of extras as mentioned, including: "Two Filmmaker Audio Commentaries," "The Making of VFW," "Meet the Cast of VFW," and "The Special Make-up Effects of VFW." As well, the DVD and Blu-ray will show in an unrated format. The latest on the VFW release, including a movie clip, are hosted below.

Release Date: March 31st, 2020 (DVD, Blu-ray).

Directed by: Joe Begos.

Writers: Max Brallier, Matthew McArdle.

Cast: Stephen Lang, William Sadler, Fred Williamson, Martin Kove, Sierra McCormick, David Patrick Kelly.

A movie clip for VFW (via RLJ Ent.):

Sources: VFW at RLJ Ent.

An Interview with Joe Begos at Modern Horrors

VFW pre-orders are available here, along with more release details:

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