Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A Mystery Reveals Itself in Dan Bush's The Dark Red: Release Details

Tagline: "The Scariest Thing About Her Story is that No One Believes It."

The Dark Red is the latest film from director Dan Bush (The Signal, 2007). The film relies on a bit of an unreliable narrator as she relives a troubled past. Believing she has a rare, supernatural blood type, this character opens up about a personal tragedy to a psychologist. This title stars: April Billingsley ("The Walking Dead"), Kelsey Scott (How to Get Away with Murder) and Rhoda Griffis. Recently, Dark Sky Films picked up this release for a showing on Digital platforms. The film's official poster and trailer are hosted here.

A few early reviews have come in for the film, from the UK's Frightfest Film Festival. Phil Wheat of Nerdly mentions how director Bush has improved over several films and that The Dark Red is one of his best to date: "with The Dark Red Bush seems to have hit his stride." Practice makes perfect. Richard Whittaker talks about the film's dark tone: "The Dark Red pushes that into surprisingly grisly territory, even in the opening, arid act in which Sybil recounts to Dr. DeLuce...exactly what she believes happened." Events are not as they first appear in Bush's latest creation.

The Dark Red will show this March. Dark Sky Films will deliver the film to Digital platforms on March 6th. Fans of mystery or of indie thriller in general will want to take a look at this film as The Dark Red promises a narrative with lots of twists and turns.

Release Date: March 6th, 2020 (Digital).

Director: Dan Bush.

Writers: Dan Bush, Conal Byrne.

Cast: April Billingsley, Kelsey Scott, Conal Byrne, Rhoda Griffis, John Curran and Jill Jane Clements.

The official trailer for The Dark Red (via Dark Sky Films):

Sources: The Dark Red Reviewed at Nerdly

The Dark Red at the Austin Chronicle

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