Monday, January 27, 2020

Tucson's Blood Widow Brings a Vampire Tale to DVD this February 4th

Tagline: “Death Will Never be the Same!”

Indican Pictures will release the vampire thriller Blood Widow on DVD. Formerly titled Viuda de Sangre, this film involves a fanged serial killer, chased by a pair of detectives. In Tucson, Arizona, the bodies are piling up as the detectives face something-of-nightmares. Blood Widow was developed by writers: Dominic Ross and Brendan Buy Murphy. And, the film stars: James Craven (Tuscaloosa), Dallas Thomas (Wastelander) and Hector Ayala. A preview of the film's upcoming DVD release is hosted here.

Blood Widow is already available on Digital platforms. The film was released this past January 15th, on multiple sites. As well, Indican Pictures is bringing this title to theatres. States hosting the theatrical launch include: Texas, New Mexico and California. Fans of indie horror can check their local listings, to see if the film is playing in their city.

The DVD version of Blood Widow will show in an unrated format. Though, the Digital version was rated Restricted. The film has a runtime of ninety-four minutes. And, there have been no special features announced, for the DVD, so far. The latest trailer for Blood Widow is below.

Release Date: February 4th, 2020 (DVD).

Directors: Brendan Guy Murphy.

Writers: Dominic Ross, Brendan Guy Murphy.

Cast: James Craven, Dallas Thomas, Melissa Aguirre Fernandez, Hector Ayala and Brendan Guy Murphy.

The official trailer for Blood Widow (via Indican Pictures):

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The Digital version of Blood Widow at Amazon:

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