Thursday, January 16, 2020

Global Digital Releasing to Launch Eight Films in 2020: A Preview

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Global Digital Releasing has plans to release at least eight films, throughout 2020. Some of their films will include: dramas, thriller and documentaries. As well, the subjects covered in some of their dramas will range from: love, self-discovery, killing your boss, friendship and the power of drugs. The documentaries will cover the world. These releases will focus on: living off the grid and religion. Global Digital Releasing is a film distribution company, which brings indie title to audiences across the globe. Their latest slate, of eight film is previewed below.

THE PAPER STORE (Drama) – Release Date - February 11th

A former college student writes essays for cash until a client becomes her lover and their plot is discovered by a Professor with his own agenda.

Official Trailer: The Official Trailer for The Paper Store


After surviving a bachelor party on the Vegas strip, Gavin, a recovered drug addict and former TV star and his childhood friends return to their hotel room. Gavin finds that his unresolved past with his friends and his "savior" girlfriend present much more of a threat to his sobriety than the strip did. The night escalates and Gavin and his friends must all face down their demons within the walls of the hotel room, with or without each other's help.

The Official Trailer: The Official Trailer for Two Ways to Go West

BURIED CAIN (Thriller/Drama) - TBA

Five childhood friends try to keep their love lives - and their past - from destroying their friendship as adults. Lies and secrets hold them together until Georgia returns home. Now they must ask themselves, how far will they go for love?

The Official Trailer: The Buried Cain Official Trailer

WONDERLUST (Documentary) - TBA

A documentary about people living off-the-grid in the desert next to a military bomb dropping site in order to avoid civilization. These individuals perceive themselves to be towing the line between freedom and anarchy.


On the same day Harvey gets fired from his job, he finds out that he only has one month left to live. Throwing caution to the wind, he and his friend Luke decide to take off on a crazy ride of law breaking, accidental kidnapping and self-discovery.

The Official Trailer: The Official Meant to Be Broken Trailer at Youtube

MADAGASIKARA (Documentary) - TBA

Madagasikara is the story of three resilient women fighting for the survival of their families and the education of their children against the overwhelming forces of domestic political instability, international political hypocrisy and the crushing poverty.

The Official Trailer: A Madagasikara Trailer at Vimeo


A 30-something year old woman hopelessly hung-up on her ex-boyfriend accidentally ends up at his house during his engagement party. Out to sabotage everything and win him back, Deany’s plan is hampered by the fact that she has the dead body of her abusive boss hidden in her car out front. Just as her strategy to win her ex back starts to work, the evening unravels and forces Deany to confront her own self-worth.

The Official Trailer: A Deany Bean Trailer at Youtube

SET FREE POSSE (Documentary) - TBA

Founded in Anaheim, California, in 1982 by the ever-controversial Pastor Phil Aguilar, Set Free Church was considered to be a cult by many. Meanwhile, thousands of bikers, addicts, homeless, and black sheep have experienced a life-changing faith by following Pastor Phil's passion to reach those who are down and out.

The Official Trailer: A Set Free Posse Trailer at Youtube

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