Tuesday, January 14, 2020

An Evil Cupid Targets A Graduating Class in this Trailer (out Feb. 11th)

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Tagline: "Everyone knows the legend of Cupid.. But do they know his dark side?"

Cupid is a horror film from director Scott Jeffrey (The Final Scream) and Proportion Productions. In the film, a practicing witch summons an evil Cupid, after she is harassed at school. Now, the mean girls have something to contend with this Valentine's Day! Jeffrey's latest film stars: Georgina Jane (The 12), Bao Tieu (Operation Cobra), Michael Owusu, Abi Casson Thompson and Sarah T. Cohen. Now, a newly released trailer is available ahead of the film's February release date.

The clip shows several young women at a private school. The cool kids pick on the wrong person. Soon, a hideous bird of love swoops in, to right several wrongs. When the bow and arrows come out, this graduating class is soon reduced to just a handful of students.

Uncork'd Entertainment will release the film on several formats. To show on Digital and DVD, Cupid will be available just before Valentine's Day, on February 11th. Fans of indie thrillers can find the latest on this production.

Release Date: February 11th, 2020 (Digital, DVD).

Director/writer: Scott Jeffrey.

Cast: Georgina Jane, Bao Tieu, Sarah T. Cohen.

The trailer for Cupid is here (via OC Trailers):

Source: Cupid at Horror Society

Director Jeffrey was also one of the filmmakers behind 2019's the Tooth Fairy:

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