Thursday, November 14, 2019

Psychological Thriller Marionette Nears Completion: A Preview

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Tagline: "Your Life is in Your Hands."

Marionette is an upcoming psychological thriller. Shot across Europe (Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom), this film involves a disturbed ten-year old boy - who believes he can control the future. Under the care of a psychiatrist, this young man has a mystery for Marianne to uncover. Marionette was shot in 2018. Currently in post-production, this title stars: Thekla Reuten (Red Sparrow), Peter Mullan (Children of Men), Emun Elliott and Bill Paterson. A preview of the film's impending release is hosted here.

For more on the story, one source mentions Marianne's (Reuten) move to the Scottish Highlands. Here, she treats the boy - who uses illustrations to tell of the future.

Marionette is from Dutch director Elbert Van Strien (Two Eyes Staring). Two Eyes Staring won multiple awards, including: Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Film (Fantasporto). His latest is more mystery and thriller, than horror - however.

Marionette is currently being represented by sales agent and distributor Tri-Coast Worldwide. A release date for the film has not been announced. But, 2020 is sure to be Marionette's lucky number, once the film is fully completed. As well, stay tuned for a trailer, which will be released shortly.

Release Date: 2020.

Director: Elbert van Strien.

Writer: Elbert van Strien & Ben Hopkins.

Cast: Thekla Reuten, Peter Mullan, Emun Elliott and Bill Paterson.

*a trailer is coming soon.

Source: Marionette at Tri-coast Worldwide

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