Monday, November 04, 2019

A Boy is Abandoned by his Troupe in Anne-Sophie Dutoit's Ballet Blanc

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Tagline: "Nothing is What it Seems."

Indican Pictures will distribute Anne-Sophie Dutoit's (To 66) Ballet Blanc. Dutoit brings some of her own experience, in the ballet world, to the screen this November. In Ballet Blanc, a young boy has been turned into something evil, by his ballet troupe. Now, he is being unleashed upon a small town. This title stars: Shelley Starrett ("Murder Book"), Carlbom-Mann, Brian Woods and Franco Fox. Now, a new poster is available for the film ahead of its limited theatrical release.

The initial theatrical release will take place in a few cities. Initially, Ballet Blanc will show in: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. This debut in theatres will take place on November 8th, with more theatres set to be announced soon.

As well, home entertainment viewers will not have to wait long for a copy. In January, Indican Pictures will show the film on DVD. A more specific date will be posted soon. For now, indie horror film fans can view the trailer ahead of the film's 2019 and 2020 release.

Release Date: November 8th, 2019 (Theatrical) and January, 2020 (DVD, Digital).

Director/writer: Anne-Sophie Dutoit.

Cast: Shelley Starrett, Colter Carlborn-Mann, Brian Woods, Franco Fox, Catherine Lassesen.

The official trailer for Ballet Blanc, via director Anne-Sophie Dutoit:

More on Ballet Blanc at Indican: Ballet Blanc at Indican Pictures

Indican also released the horror feature Perfect Skin, earlier this year:

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