Monday, October 07, 2019

Swedish Thriller Documenting the Witch Path Shows on Digital this October 11th

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Tagline: ""Where the Truth Lies."

There are several horror film releases set for October. The latest from Terror Films is titled Documenting the Witch Path. Shot in Sweden, this indie feature looks at the curse of Witch Lake, through the eyes of several documentarians. Three filmmakers: Nathaniel P. Erlandsson, Robin Franzén and Carl Sundström head out to the lake. Here, they find the lake closed-off and soon experience strange events. This is a film produced by Cyfuno Ventures and Spying Moth Entertainment, with Terror Films set to show the film this mid-October.

A trailer has just been released for Documenting the Witch Path. The clip shows the filmmakers preparing to head out to the lake. Once there, they find strange markings and totems, with mysterious characters emerging at night.

The official film poster also reveals more from the story. A pentagram can be seen in one corner, while the trees appear as hands. A strange icon hovers in the back as figures drown in the middle of the graphic. All of the imagery suggests a devilish time, in the local Swedish woods.

Terror Films has set October 11th as the film's release date. On this date, Documenting the Witch Path will show on Digital platforms, such as: Google Play, POV Horror, Xbox, Prime Video, Vudu, Tubi TV and Roku. There may be a secondary release, on more platforms, later this year. A short film of fifty-eight minutes, fans of indie horror can find the latest on the film right here, with the latest promotional materials.

Release Date: October 11th, 2019 (Digital platforms).

Director/writer: Carl Sundström.

Cast: Nathaniel P. Erlandsson, Robin Franzén, Carl Sundström.

The official trailer for Documenting the Witch Path (via Terror Films):

*the story also mentions witchcraft from the 17th century, when many innocent men, women and children were drowned - within Witch Lake.

More details on the film, will be posted at Terror Films soon: The Terror Films' Homepage

Terror Films will also show the indie horror title Resonance on Oct. 11th. The film will also show on DVD, later in October (Oct. 29th):

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