Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Harpoon Digests a Gruesome Lunch in this Movie Clip Titled "Seagull Blood"

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Harpoon is an indie title, that has been making the festival rounds. Out today on Blu-ray (U.S.), this film has also been showing through a limited theatrical release, in North America. The film involves a strange love triangle, in which three friends turn against each other on the high seas. Partially shot in Canada and Belize, the film centrally stars: Brett Gelman, Munro Chambers and Emily Tyra. Now, there is some word that the film will show in a few theatres, in the Great White North, with a new clip debuting today. The clip is titled "Seagull Blood" and can be found below.

The new clip shows the three friends, near exhaustion. They have captured their lunch, but begin to eat it raw? Very surreal, these three friends will need to find land soon.

Harpoon is a 775 Media Corp production. Dread and Epic Pictures will continue to show the film in U.S. cities. There are more expected showings in: Boulder and Chicago. Though, Canadian cities have not been confirmed as of yet. Canadian horror film fans will have to check their local listings for the film. For now, indie horror fans can enjoy the madness of Harpoon as Jonah (Chambers), Sasha (Tyra) and Richard (Gray) turn primitive, in the clip below.

Release Date: October 8th, 2019 (VOD, Blu-ray, USA) and October 11th (Limited Theatrical, Canada) and October 15th (VOD, Canada).

Director: Rob Grant.

Writers: Rob Grant, Mike Kovac.

Cast: Brett Gelman, Munro Chambers, Emily Tyra.

A new clip for Harpoon, titled "Seagull Blood" (via Slash Film):

The film at Epic Pictures: Harpoon Release Details at Epic

Source: Harpoon at Rue Morgue

Available at Amazon, in the U.S.:

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