Thursday, September 05, 2019

Turkish Apocalyptic Thriller Girl with No Mouth Shows a Chaotic World in this Teaser Trailer

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Tagline: "A Grim Post-apocalyptic Adventure for the Whole Family."

Can Evrenol's (Baskin, 2015) latest feature is titled Girl with No Mouth. This film is a post-apocalyptic set feature, in which a young disabled girl is befriended by three boys. Each of the boys is also disabled in some way. Shot over eighteen days and in three Turkish cities, Girl with No Mouth stars a cadre of child actors, including: Elif Sevinc, Denizhan Akbaba Ozgur Civelek and Kaan Alpdayi. As well, this title was developed through the Frontières Platform, with the Fantasia International Film Festival (Montreal). Finally, Girl with No Mouth is based on a Turkish comic book, by creator Cam Ozuduru. Now, the film's teaser trailer has been released this week and can be found below.

Story details are limited. However, the director has described the comic and the film as a: "coming-of-age story about Perihan, a girl born without a mouth, who is befriended...while on the run from authorities." There is also mention of a nuclear disaster. And, this tile has also been called an "apocalyptic adventure (Chaos Spin)." Overall, this film blends a number of genres in its detailed story.

Girl with No Mouth is expected to show in Turkey this month. On September 15th, this film will show at the Istanbul Independent Film Festival. This release will be followed by another, in the United States. XYZ is handling the film's U.S. launch (Screen Daily). In the U.S., Girl with No Mouth will show in 2020, with a more specific release date sure to follow soon.

Release Date: September 15th, 2019 (Film Festival, Turkey) and 2020 (U.S.).

Director: Can Evrenol.

Writers: Can Evrenol, Kutay Ucun.

Cast: Denizhan Akbaba, Elif Sevinç, Özgür Civelek.

An official trailer for Girl with No Mouth, via director Can Evrenol:

Sources: Girl with No Mouth at Chaos Spin

Girl with No Mouth at Screen Daily (May 2018)

Evrenol's Baskin is a darkly atmospheric horror film and recommended:

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