Tuesday, September 03, 2019

One Man Cannot Escape His Past in Michael Bonomo's Assassins

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The indie thriller Assassins will show on more home entertainment formats this week. To show on DVD and Amazon for the first time, Assassins is a film, which involves Chris and his attempts to resolve his past. His girlfriend has already been targeted by a hitman. Now, this killer is after him! Assassins centrally stars Bill Oberst Jr. (3 from Hell), along with Stephen Katz and David Pesta. A preview of the film's release, on home entertainment formats, is hosted here.

For more on the story, Chris' (Pesta) life has come crashing down. Forever changed, Chris cannot forget the violent death of his girlfriend. Now, he is caught between the clash of a bounty hunter and a deadly hitman. Both men want the information that Chris has. But, Chris must find a way out of this violent world.

Assassins will show on more Digital platforms, today. To show on Amazon for the first time as well as DVD, Assassins is a film from writers Michael Bonomo and Dave Grant. Full of tense action sequences, Assassins promises to be a crime thriller with a twist. The film's trailer, from Indican Pictures, is hosted below.

Release Date: September 3rd, 2019 (Digital, DVD).

Director: Michael Bonomo.

Writers: Michael Bonomo and Dave Grant.

Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Vincente DiSanti, Katie Molinaro, Dove Meir and Tristan James Butler.

The official trailer for Assassins (courtesy of Indican Pictures):

The film’s homepage: Assassin at the Director's Website

More on Assassins at Indican Pictures: Assassins at Indican Pictures

Assassins at Amazon:

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